Samba Video of the Official Samba Competition in Brazil Called “Official Rio Queen of Carnival

Samba Video of the Official Samba Competition in Brazil Called “Official Rio Queen of Carnival “. This video shows the samba routines of the winners of this contest, which is considered the most challenging samba dancing in Brazil. Below a description of the event: The Carnival of 2016 Olympic city elected at the Samba City on November 14 the new Queen and two princesses for 2016 Rio de Janeiro Carnival, at an event held by the "RioTur", official Tourism Secretariat of Rio. The official competition was hotly contended and had as the grand winner "Clara Cristina Paixão", re-elected as Official Queen of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. The second prize as first Princess went to "Uillana Adães" and as Second Princess, "Bianca Monteiro". Each samba dancer had the opportunity to present their samba routine for a minute with her full carnival costumes, adding another degree of difficulty. ( Many costume may weight up to 20 Kilos) All candidates also answered questions from a panel of experts. At the beginning of the competition, 35 dancers were pre-selected, and after three qualifiers eight finalists remained for the grand showdown. Follows the names of the eight finalists: "Bianca Monteiro", "Clara Passion", "Cynthia Barboza"; "Deisiane Conception", "Egili Oliveira"; "Georgia Gomes"; "Vidal Priscyla"; and "Uillana Adães" The Queen of the Olympic Rio Carnival will won from the Rio city government a crown, a sash plus the amount of thirty thousand reais. The runner-up takes the title of first princess of the Rio Carnival, a tiara, a sash and receives twenty-two thousand Brazilian Reais. The third place is elected as the second princess, also winning a tiara, sash, the same amount of the first princess. It is also important to remember that the contest has been around for over fifty years and officially marks the start of Carnival in Brazil. Samba Official Video Rio I Samba dance competition I Samba Queen I Samba contest 2016 I Samba dance Performance I Professional samba dance I Samba dancing I Samba dance performance Rio I Samba dance Presentations I Live Samba Dance Performance I Top samba dance routine I Rio Samba Dancers I Rio Samba Dancing I Rio de Janeiro samba dance I Brazilian Samba dance competition