Zouk Lambada is sexy, yes, but it is danced by all kinds of people, of all ages and sexes, without the "dirty" connotations given to it by very bad Hollywood movies. It's very graceful, fast-paced, and believe me, when you have to move your feet and body that fast on the dance floor without tripping all over yourself and falling on the dance floor, the LAST thing on your mind is sex...


Anyway, the rhythm originated in the Amazon, Brazil was later adopted by Bahians, who proceeded to create the steps...and the rest is history!

The video playlist below is taken from the TV Show Latin Dance Alive. It is a great background to Zouk, and includes segments on understand the music, the background of the dance and of course includes a beginners lesson.

When you are ready select from the submenu to take a class from the industry's leading instructors. Some menu choices will also bring us great routines in a streaming playlist, so you can just sit back and enjoy.

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